What is The Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation is a movement that started taking place in 2021 when employees began to realize how much leverage they held over their position and ultimately their career outcomes. This is not a power movement, but a ripple effect that came from waves of what has been described as disrespect.

Employees will only be as good as they are treated. When they are left with empty promises of advancement opportunities, record-low hourly and salary pay, and lack of resources that they need to survive, resignation levels rise. The narrative must flip from “Why are we losing employees?” to “How can we retain our employees?” The answer to why you are losing employees may be quick to realize, but putting action behind the “why” is how you can see measurable results. Incipio Workforce Solutions can help you achieve your desired outcomes that are most suitable for your organizational culture and the needs of each employee.

How can Incipio Workforce Solutions Help with Retention?

Incipio is a full scale workforce solutions team that possesses numerous resources and valued partnerships. With quantitative data gathered and provided by our partner, OrgVitals, through continuous employee feedback assessments and technological software, we are able to assess the pain points that not only your company faces, but the pain points that each employee faces. 

Knowing the needs of each person on your team is an invaluable first step to seeing how you can provide what is needed for each person to feel both valued and successful. Addressing the desires of each person is the first step toward noticing measurable changes within your organization’s retention rates.

So… What’s Next?


Retaining top talent does not stop here. There are many achievable steps that you can take to maintain retention! Download our ebook to get an in depth look into how our team can help your organization turn The Great Resignation into The Great Retention. We would love to speak with you further and create a custom plan that fits your organization’s needs. In the meantime, take a look at our cost of turnover calculator to get an idea of where your company stands. We look forward to working with you.


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