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A scientifically validated operating style survey designed to help you understand
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Atlyss believes in the power of people.

Atlyss believes in the power of people, and their mission is to help you capitalize on your strengths and improve your interaction with others.


About the assessment.

This assessment identifies four thinking strategies, Actual-Potential Thinkers, Potential Thinkers, Potential-Actual Thinkers, and Actual Thinkers, and provides insight into your operating styles, strategy, and management needs. 


Here’s what our clients have to say about the Atlyss Assessment:

“Since taking the assessment as a team, I and others have referenced the results with statements like, “I know you enjoy being around people, would you want to be a part of this job fair we are holding?”, or “I see you are working on something right now. Can you come find me when you finish that task?” The assessment has allowed us to be more productive and understand each other better.”

Whitney Kays, Director of Service Innovation, Mattingly Edge​

Is your team ready to unlock its full potential?

Take the Atlyss Assessment today and discover your unique operating styles. Our assessment is quick, easy, and provides valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses while understanding how to better communicate with your team.

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