Recruiting stretches beyond your candidate’s first day!

The task of recruiting has become a pain point for many businesses in just about every industry. Navigating the recruiting field requires looking at the big picture relating to your company’s success, growth, and bottom line. Recruiting for your organization requires several different skill sets, can be costly, take time away from your core business, and has a reach far longer than any candidate’s first day. 

To understand the difference between in-house and outsourced recruiting, you must understand the costs associated with recruiting. Incipio Workforce Solutions CEO, Molley Ricketts, explains in detail the differences and savings you can experience in this Thought Leadership video below.

Some of the costs to consider:

  • What is the total compensation of your in-house recruiting team?
  • Who was handling the marketing and advertising for the positions you have hired over the last fiscal year?
  • What is the cost associated with your team’s time interviewing and reviewing candidates?

Recruiting is not just about filling a seat at the table. Many elements are involved if your goal is to not only recruit someone for your team but to retain them long-term. Getting the most out of your investment only comes when you hire the right candidate and work to nurture a long-term professional relationship. Do you know the actual cost of turnover for your organization? The cost of turnover includes many hidden costs that can add up quickly and create an expensive problem for your organization. 

Outsourcing your recruiting is not a them or us scenario. When you partner with Incipio Workforce Solutions, we come alongside your in-house recruiting, human resource, and hiring team, utilizing our expertise to attract and retain top talent across your organization. When you outsource recruiting with Incipio, you will have anywhere from five to seven individuals managing all aspects of what you need for your organization to successfully recruit top talent and retain them long-term. 

You will have access to experts in multiple fields when you outsource your recruiting process. For instance, depending on your organization, your in-house recruiter may be hiring for various areas within your organization. Each area/field requires different skills and knowledge to source, interview, and onboard. With Incipio, your team comprises multiple recruiters with the experience, knowledge, and pipeline you are looking for in each specific position. 

Marketing, sourcing, and onboarding can be costly if you are not leveraging your resources. Different positions may require different sourcing platforms (Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed) or different verifications (education, financial, drug testing). Each platform and verification company can be costly for any organization, especially for start-ups or small businesses. When you outsource your recruiting, you have the ability to source across the mainstream platforms, and verifications can be conducted through Incipio, saving your organization not only dollars but time. 

We are more than applicant recruiting at Incipio. As mentioned, recruiting encompasses more than sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding a candidate. At Incipio, we work with our partners to ensure that your current workforce is aligned with your company mission; we work with you on your employer brand to  attract top-level talent and take your human resource services to the next level. 

We have a proven track record of success in recruiting teams and helping build cultures. Our unique approach sets us apart from your everyday recruiting firms as we focus on the whole picture. 

Ready to see what Incipio Workforce Solutions can do for your company?  Set up a consultation today to see how we can improve your recruiting, employer branding, communications, and overall work culture to provide the very best environment for growth.


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