Label Your Culture

When you established your organization, what goals did you have in mind? Did you create a mission statement, vision statement, and set of values to base as the foundation of your organization?

These elements, the mission, vision, and values, define the purpose of your organization. Not only do they establish the purpose, but they create a sense of belonging for every employee who joins your team. The mission statement helps each employee or member of your team find the direction that the organization is moving in, while the vision statement looks ahead toward goals that each person can reach or the company as a whole can work toward. Having a set of values further establishes the views and structure of your organization and helps employees better understand the organization that they are joining.

As you align your culture toward a successful future, do you live the mission, vision, and values daily? 

Live Your Culture

Molley Ricketts, the CEO of Incipio says that in order to live your culture, you must realize that culture is an action. She says, “Culture is what you do. Culture is the way you are. Culture is an action. It is something that everybody owns, that everybody uses, and is something that everybody starts their day and agenda with.”

Much with the way that culture begins, you must first focus your intentions and efforts internally in order for your culture to be seen externally. Focusing on your people, every member of your team, and setting the standard that their voice can and will be heard creates a sense of empowerment within each person and sets your culture up for success. Your organization must reflect on the way that you have enacted your mission, vision, and values so that you can look ahead and make improvements for your organizational growth.

Learn with Incipio

You cannot slap a poster on the wall in your breakroom and expect your organization to live your values. From day one of creating your culture, you must find unique ways to include it into your daily routine. When you bring a new person onto your team, are you exceeding their expectations?

Recruitment is a form of sales in which you must market your company and its culture in an honest way that is appealing to your ideal audience, your potential candidate. When they learn about your mission, the vision of your company, and the values that you built a foundation upon, they will expect to see this play regularly. When they individually, or as a team, live your company culture, there should be a reward structure that retains great employees. Incipio Workforce Solutions can help your organization establish and live its culture.

To learn more about the importance of living your culture, we encourage you to check out our Youtube video, Culture is not a Poster on the Wall. Let’s work as a team to build your organizational culture and execute actionable ways that you can live it daily. Contact our team at Incipio to create your custom plan and meet your company needs today


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