Talent Attraction: The Job Candidate Experience

There was a time when human resource departments were judged on how fast they could fill jobs. Keeping a candidate happy and engaged (especially if they were rejected) wasn’t really a priority. Times have certainly changed! Today we understand what we now refer to as the “candidate experience” is just as important as how we treat the customers of our business. Both are crucial to your company’s overall success because each will affect your reputation and your sales.

 The candidate experience begins before you post a job. Many employers make the mistake of writing a job description and then never looking at that job description again. Then they wonder why the talent they’re attracting isn’t a good fit.

 Before a potential candidate answers your ad, it’s likely they’ve interacted with your company. People considering positions today are doing their research and know a great deal about you before they decide to apply for a job. A positive reputation and your “brand” has a lot to do with whether a candidate will apply.

 Candidates who were treated well during the hiring process are more likely to accept your job offer. Whether they were hired or not, they will talk about your organization with friends and family. Every part of the hiring process, and all the multiple conversations and interactions with a candidate, are a reflection on your organization. That includes everything from interviews, the campus tour, the offer letter, the drug test, the background check – even if these touch points are somewhat out of your control.

 Finally, it’s important to recognize the candidate experience doesn’t end with the offer letter. There are few things more damaging to a company than a new hire quickly walking out the door. You should have a long-term plan of professional development in place to ensure employees are constantly learning and feeling engaged and valued.