They Have to Choose You Too – The Truth Behind Employee Retention

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about employee retention? Salary, recognition, opportunity, maybe even flexibility; We all think of different things that represent the idea that no employee or organization is the same. One of the most important things that can be done to ensure you are keeping your valuable assets (your employees) is to make sure you are treating them as individuals rather than just a collective group. Show them your appreciation by valuing them as people and providing opportunities for growth and development in whatever aspect needed in order to be successful.

The first place to start with employee retention is the interview. What is the point of working to keep employees if you haven’t ensured they are the right fit for the position? This means asking behavior-based questions that will better gauge their performance; past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Once you have established behavioral fit, you then will want to explore their work environment fit.  It is important to determine what type of work environment they excel in working in and gauge how it aligns with your current company culture. As qualified as they may appear, it’s crucial that you get a feel for how they will fit within your company, culture, and your current team.

First Impressions Mean Everything

Culture. It is something every business should have and work hard to establish and then maintain. What you have to remember is that as an interviewer or someone hiring for a position is you are not the only one doing the choosing. How your company is reflected in their first impression, as that potential applicant comes in for the interview, sets the stage for whether or not they choose to be a part of your team. So recognition, feeling valued, and opportunity for development are things that you should be selling to applicants so you can obtain them as employees.


After you hire them you want to make sure you keep them!  You have to provide an environment where they feel comfortable and respected.  When new hires are not welcomed and made to be comfortable, they are less likely to stay with your organization. This goes for everyone on your team, especially those in leadership positions. Leaders within a company are looked up to and many employees seek their validation and respect. Making sure there is an equal level of respect and communication amongst all members of a team is key to ensuring your employees feel like they are truly a part of that team and of the company’s culture.

Invest In Their Personal and Professional Growth

One of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your employees and for the overall good of a company is to allow opportunities for growth and development. This has been a key factor in what has kept me with past employers because it shows that my personal and professional growth are cared about and that my success is important. There is always room for development and being given the chance to find better and more effective ways to do your job only makes the job that much more valued by the employee.

It’s impossible to read your employees’ minds, but they all want one common thing, and that is to feel valued and that their opinion and place in the company matters. Giving employees the opportunity to be the best at what they’re doing can be extremely rewarding, so don’t be afraid to invest in their growth, it will pay off in the end!