Get The Right People for Your Business-Perfect the First Time.

More Than Staffing.

No Headhunters Here

At Incipio, we look at recruiting from a couple of perspectives. We’re not a staffing company and we’re not a traditional “headhunting” firm. We specialize in helping companies with two types of recruiting: Direct Hire and Recruiting Process Outsource or RPO.

In Direct Hiring, for an organization looking to hire a new CEO for example, Incipio will help you determine an exact skill set and culture match. Then we target candidates who have just what you’re looking for – usually from your industry. We go after them, rather than hoping a candidate will stumble upon your job opening. We do all the pre-screening and interviewing and deliver you a candidate that is a perfect fit.

Dedicaticated Recruiters, What???

In Recruiting Process Outsource, we become your dedicated recruiter. If your organization needs to hire ten people for example, we can work with an HR department or work directly with supervisors/hiring managers. We become your “recruiting department” and do everything from A to Z. We help determine the exact skill set required. Then we get that job posted to all the job channels like Indeed or Glassdoor – all the places your opportunity will be seen by potential applicants.

We handle all the contacts from emails to phone calls. Then we conduct preliminary interviews by phone or video and deliver great quality applicants. All within state and federal compliance guidelines. If clients want to do additional interviews, we’ll set those up and even handle the background checks, drug tests and the offer letter. Then importantly, we stay with those hires for another 30 days to make sure both the client and the applicants are happy.

A Very Different Process.

The process works for companies looking to hire all different numbers of people from ten to 500 a year. We collaborate with companies on a short or long-term basis and function seamlessly as their in-house recruiting department. We can also go into an organization and create the entire process. We will help hire a recruiter, train and teach that person about onboarding, training and professional development and then we’ll leave after setting them up for success.

The recruiting process is important but we also work with companies beyond this phase to ensure their team stays and is engaged and motivated. Recruiting is just the first step. We tell our clients the process is a lot like Christmas. You tell us what you want and then we wrap it up, put a big red bow on it and deliver it to you!