Increasing Productivity

One of my primary goals for this month is increasing productivity. Here’s how I’m working on this goal and maybe some of my plans will help you accomplish the same thing.

I have surrounded myself with talent

I think I have the right people in the right seats. Now I have to encourage and support them and let them know I have confidence in them so morale is as high as possible. When employee morale is high, it only makes sense that productivity and the quality of work will be high. Plus, happy employees are less likely to leave for another offer. For any organization, turnover can really slam productivity.


I’m determined to delegate

I know what I’m best at and so I’m going to delegate the rest! I’ve surrounded myself with talented people and I’m going to give them the power to make decisions. And then, I’m going to trust in their choices.


I’m focusing on time management

I find I can be distracted by “bright, shiny objects.” By that, I mean I can be diverted from what I’m intending to accomplish by distractions – in the workplace or outside the office. So I’m trying to apply some time management techniques. For example, I’m keeping a rough journal of my time to help me stay focused and accountable to my calendar. I look at my schedule for the week and create a list of priorities – even going so far as to number them, one, two, three. I also ask myself every so often to review what I’ve accomplished in the past 30 minutes. It’s amazing how fast a couple of hours can fly by before you know it.