Are you Loyal? The Power of Vulnerability and Transparency

What It Takes to Develop a Partnership

When Incipio meets with a business or organization considering using our services, we make it clear we don’t want to be seen as just a vendor. Our goal is to develop a partnership focusing on results. We want to work together to come up with clear expectations with measurable outcomes.

How do we accomplish that? One of the specific ways is by insisting our relationship is based on transparency. We stress upfront we want honest and frank discussions that will help us focus quickly on areas where improvement is possible and where Incipio can make a difference.  


It’s not easy for everyone. Some see being transparent as a weakness. I don’t see it that way. I’ve found the most successful business people have an understanding it’s okay not to be perfect. I like to call it being “vulnerable.”

Business leaders who take this approach are often the most innovative. That’s not to say you should make your business a democracy. Rather say to the team, “This is the way I see it, but you feel differently about it, let’s have a discussion.”


Being able to express yourself in a vulnerable and transparent way is empowering and helps everyone grow stronger. We’re not looking for an argument because that doesn’t change anyone. Instead, we have found what does change behavior is authenticity.

I think being able to express yourself in this way is empowering and is guaranteed to deepen any relationship. We’re not interested in a superficial or judgmental relationship. We want to understand each other with what I call “real talk.” That creates a partnership where both parties benefit and grow stronger.