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Why we love what we do.

Creating a work culture that revolves around recognition, appreciation, synergy amongst their team members, develops checks and balances for equality and fairness, and makes work fun by putting people in the best positions. We believe this in turn creates happier, healthier, more productive team members leading to happier, healthier families, ultimately resulting in…world peace.  While lofty, why aim for less than world peace!

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Outsourced Recruiting

Recruiting is simple, strategy is not. We have the expertise and resources to give you a better recruitment and selection strategy that pays off.

Our Recruiting practices consulting begins by identifying your short-term and long-term goals, and the skills needed to get there. Then, we can help you find the right people to move your company forward.

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Custom HR Solutions & Compliance Services

No two businesses are the same. We’ll fill in the missing HR & compliance pieces. Your team deserves a partner who will step in where needed and command the ship when asked. Pick and choose the services for your business with the guidance of our partners.

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Build a Thriving Team

Despite its reputation for awkward bonding activities and boring seminars, team building that's customized to your unique needs can be the best investment you ever make. The experts at Incipio Workforce Solutions will help you meet your team where they are, provide them with practical tools that will truly transform your company culture, and empower each member of your team to become the very best they can be.

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We placed a tall order and Incipio delivered! Our turnover numbers have been dramatically cut in half since we started working with Incipio, and our early stage turnover is just eight percent! That is a huge financial win for a not-for-profit agency!I would highly recommend Incipio to any organization that is in need of a solid recruitment strategy and top-notch candidates.

– Mary Ellen Higgins, Manager Talent Acquisitions – Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

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