What Our Clients Say

“The Incipio Brunch & learn has helped to equip myself and my team with the knowledge & skills to stay relevant & up to date. Working in a family owned business where most team members play multiple roles it’s easy to become complacent and sometimes resistant to change. The complex trends in today’s business world can be tough to keep up with. Incipio and its high-quality partners provided supported learning in areas across the board from branding, social recruitment, retention & employee engagement. We found that every topic covered within the series to be hugely beneficial. The content of each series coupled with the knowledge sharing environment made this a monthly “go to” for professional development. Gone are the days of boring old school content and hello to new found enthusiasm that fosters company growth & boosts morale!”
Kristy Inmon
President – First Choice Commercial Services
“Molley has proven to be a great partner to our organization. Her experience and ability to understand today's workforce is a benefit to any size organization.”
Kyle D. Gorman
Owner – Gorman Recruiting
“Molley is an amazing leader. She and her team at Incipio are thoughtful, hardworking and selfless when it comes to serving others and helping Executives achieve their objectives. I have had the privilege of working with Incipio for several years across multiple endeavors, and I highly recommend them if you are seeking to partner with a seasoned professionals who will get the job done and do it with excellence. Do not think twice about partnering with Incipio!”
Vivek K. Sarin
Owner – Shelby Industries & Juvo (formerly VKS Solutions)
“With 150 employees to hire in less than 4 months and our reputation on the line, Team Incipio to the rescue. Molley and her team put together a comprehensive plan to accommodate our rapid growth opportunity. They handled everything from the marketing of the openings to the facility tours with the potential new hires. Team Incipio worked closely with my HR Manager and provided the visibility needed to monitor and confirm that we were going to hit that number on time. Thanks to the execution of the plan, we were able to grow our business 200% and ensure our customers piece of mind.”
Condrad Daniels
President – HJI Supply Chain Solutions
“After working with Incipio for more than six months, I feel confident in their abilities to deliver high quality candidates in a timely and professional manner. The Incipio team works in unison, and yet each team member brings great individual style to their clients. Each member of the team always asks the question, ``How can I help you today?``, and they genuinely mean it! The team literally works 24/7 for us and they treat us like we are their only client, but we know better. They have held our hands from the beginning and also provide creative reporting solutions to keep us accountable for making good hiring decisions.Incipio has gone above and beyond for us because we've had at least twelve Goodwill cooks in the recruiting kitchen at any given time! Our needs have not been simple nor easy as we have sixty-four retail stores that Incipio has been staffing for us throughout the state. We placed a tall order and Incipio delivered! Our turnover numbers have been dramatically cut in half since we started working with Incipio, and our early stage turnover is just eight percent! That is a huge financial win for a not-for-profit agency!I would highly recommend Incipio to any organization that is in need of a solid recruitment strategy and top-notch candidates.”
Mary Ellen Higgins
Manager Talent Acquisitions – Goodwill Industries of Kentucky
“We have had the pleasure of working with Incipio Workforce Solutions and Molley Ricketts on several occasions and would gladly recommend their services to other individuals and companies. There are a few areas that set Incipio apart from other companies we have used in the past. First, they took the time to get to know us and our business before making any recommendations or assumptions. They were able to come up with a customized training solution specifically for us and our needs. Molley and her group were very flexible on training times and dates as they worked around our schedules to accommodate our needs. They even found a suitable off site training room for us to use at no charge. I have also been very impressed that Molley has kept our company in mind with opportunities with her other clients. Incipio has helped Bailey make strides in internal communication and become a better company. I would recommend giving them an opportunity to do the same for your company.”
Ryan Gobert
Vice President of Sales & Safety – Bailey Tools and Safety
“Kelley Construction was a dedicated client from August 2012, having moved with us when we created Incipio. By providing excellent service, we have produced numbers and a process that has maintained a continuum of stability and fluidity for Kelley. In 2015 Incipio managed 1768 candidates, hiring 199. Kelley Construction provided a unique opportunity in that they hire nationwide so a comprehensive marketing plan was put into place to market throughout the contiguous 48 states.”
Kelly Hooker
HR Manager – Kelley Construction
“Luckett & Farley has reached out to Molley for placement assistance on several occasions with stellar results. Molley takes time to understand our business, culture and operating style. She works closely with our hiring managers to help ensure solid, long-term “fits”. She’s easy to work with and is serious about the services she provides. I’ve personally worked closely with Molley and she’s received my ‘stamp of approval’. She’ll receive yours, too.”
Edward Jerdonek
AIA, President & CEO – Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers, Louisville, KY

What Our Clients Have to Say

Since Incipio’s inception in 2015, we have worked with a variety of businesses both large and small, all with the same exceptional dedication, professionalism, and results driven mindset. Collectively our team has over 60 years of experience in contract consulting in the recruiting business. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the nation, such as GE and Sears, as well as a host of small and mid-size companies throughout the US.

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built and the world peace we’ve developed one team at a time.

"Molley is an outstanding leader, creative thinker, and has a keen ability to work with all levels of staff from the CEO to entry level personnel."
Francesca Curry
Associate Builders and Contractors, Louisville, KY