What is Outsourced Recruiting?

Molley Ricketts, CEO of Incipio, said in a recent thought leadership video that, “Recruiting is selling.” Many people may believe that resumes and interviews are a form of candidates showcasing their experience and selling their abilities to the company of their choice, but a company must sell what they have to offer each candidate. How are you selling your company? Do you have a team of skilled and knowledgeable recruiters? Incipio Workforce Solutions has a team of professionals with many unique perspectives who can increase the quality of your team through outsourced recruiting. 

Outsourced recruiting is a multi-faceted service that frees up the time and abilities of your internal team, while outside professionals bring versatile mindsets and expand your resources. When you leave recruiting in-house, it may be falling on the shoulders of one person who is handling the entire process. The lifecycle of recruitment can start with talent attraction and last all the way until day one of employment. That’s a lot to expect out of one person, or a small internal team, who may be hiring for many roles within your company. 

When you outsource, rather than process recruitment in-house, your applicant recruitment needs are managed by five to seven people who work together to attract the right talent and increase your organization’s retention rate. Increasing your retention lowers your turnover cost and encourages a stronger culture.

What is Employer Branding?

Outsourced recruiting with Incipio also means that you are receiving access to irreplaceable partnerships, such as our partnership with Grit & Gravel Marketing. With the help and experience of Grit & Gravel, we offer employer branding. Together, we visually tell your company’s story and increase your organization’s visibility while attracting top talent.

Employer branding can include a custom tailored careers page, custom visual content through video and photo assets, written content through blogs and ebooks, conversion tracking of your candidates journey, social media management and more! Every aspect of your experience is curated to fit the specific needs of your organization. Meaning, Incipio can create a full scale plan that includes outsourced recruiting and every employer branding service, or we can provide individual services that your organization would absolutely find value in! 

Why Should You Hire Incipio?

We provide solutions to our clients’ problems. By combining our services of recruiting and employer branding, we can set your organization up for success through increased percentages of qualified candidates to increased retention. Masonic Homes of Kentucky, a client of Incipio’s for five years, shares that hiring and retention are always an issue in their industry. In his 16 years with the company, J Scott Judy, the CEO of Masonic Homes, says, “We have tried many solutions for our organization from outsourcing to in-house attempts, but over the past five years of working with Incipio it has been a true partnership. A true partnership with really the entire Incipio team. They have brought forth solutions for retention and hiring. In senior living, it takes a special kind of person, it is a calling. Incipio has helped us identify these individuals, recruit them, and retain them.”

Sometimes when a curve ball hits your organization, like the pandemic for instance, and affects your industry as strongly as it affected the senior living industry, you may not know what tools are needed to continue pushing forward. We have the tools that you need to find, attract, hire, and retain the right people for your organization.

Are you ready to find a solution? Incipio is ready to help. Let us take it from here and guide you through the processes of applicant recruiting and employer branding. We will create a custom plan for your organization and lead you to precise hiring and increased retention rates. We cannot wait to speak with you! Contact us today. In the meantime, check out our Cost of Turnover Calculator to gain some financial insight into hiring and retention.


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